7 Best Vegetables for Container Gardening

Lettuce grows well in shallow containers. Easy to grow from seed, you can start picking baby lettuce in as little as 30 days.


Compact varieties of eggplant work well in containers. They yield plenty of eggplants from midsummer onwards.


Spinach is simple to grow from seed in containers. Keep the potting soil moist until the seeds sprout, then pick baby spinach or let plants mature.


Potatoes are fun and easy to grow in containers. Use seed potatoes for best results.


Cherry tomatoes grow well in containers and are prolific producers. Look for types bred for containers for best results.

Cherry Tomatoes

Both pole beans and bush beans can be grown in containers. Pole beans produce for a longer period of time but need staking.


Radishes are easy to grow from seed in containers. Many types are ready in less than a month!


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