7 Beautiful Fall Flowers for Your Garden

Cosmos are charming and irresistible, often used in bouquets and flower arrangements. They attract birds, bees, and butterflies.


Hardy Fuchsia have eye-catching two-tone pendent flowers that bring a special touch to your yard.

Hardy Fuchsia

Goldenrod flowers, with their deep yellow color, are a good choice for any autumn garden.


Sumac flowers lend a sour, lemon-like flavor to plenty of savory dishes. In your garden, they're just as interesting to have around.


Sunflowers provide cheery, larger-than-life charm in gardens all over the country. They'll continue standing tall through the early autumn months.


Chrysanthemums are the star of autumn gardens! They come in every shade of the rainbow and are hardy and cold-tolerant.


Asters bloom later in the season when your other florals begin to fade. You'll get the prettiest blue, lavender, pink or purple shades for years to come.


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