6 Must-Try Fall Fruits for a Healthy Season

Cranberries peak in fall with a sweet-tart flavor. Enjoy them in cranberry sauce, holiday stuffing, or cranberry-brie bites.


Figs have a short season in early fall. Look for plump, juicy figs for sweet and savory dishes, salads, or charcuterie boards.


Harvested in October and November, persimmons have a unique, mildly sweet flavor. Add them to salads or bake them into pies.


Grapes are in season from late summer to early October. Enjoy them raw or try roasting them for a unique topping to goat cheese crostini.


Quince, a relative to apples and pears, is best in late fall. Cook this hard, golden-yellow fruit into homemade jams.


The quintessential fall fruit, pumpkins can be used in traditional recipes like pumpkin pie or savory dishes like pumpkin risotto.


Fall brings a bounty of delicious and healthy fruits. Enjoy these seasonal delights in your meals for a taste of autumn.

Enjoy Fall Fruits

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