6 Easy Flowers for Beginners: The Guide Of 2023

Easy-to-grow flowers help you gain confidence in the garden. They require little care and return year after year, offering a vibrant show of colors.

Why Easy Flowers?

Sunflowers are drought and heat tolerant. They attract bees, birds, and butterflies, making them a great addition to any garden.


Coneflowers bloom for months, attract pollinators and birds, and are drought tolerant. They make great cut flowers too.


Zinnias bloom during summer, attract butterflies, and have moderate water requirements. They thrive best in full sun.


Marigolds bloom from spring to fall, grow quickly from seed, and help repel mosquitoes. They prefer well-drained soil and full sun.


Sweet peas are highly fragrant and bloom from spring through early summer. They prefer loamy, well-drained soil and need a supportive fence or trellis.

Sweet Peas

Lavender blooms from late June through August, attracts bees and butterflies, and helps keep mosquitoes away. It requires well-drained soil and full sun.


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