6 Beautiful and Environmentally Friendly Roses

Earth-Kind is a program that identifies roses that are both beautiful and environmentally friendly, thriving in a range of conditions.

Earth-Kind Roses

Spice is an antique rose with a peppery fragrance, known for its resilience in humid conditions and excellent performance in drought.


Carefree Beauty, a Buck Rose, is bred for low-maintenance and hardiness, thriving in both cold winters and hot summers.

Carefree Beauty

Perle d'Or, a buff to apricot rose, is known for its silky petals and light, sweet fragrance, thriving even in hot summers.

Perle d'Or

Seafoam, a white rose with a hint of light green, is known for its shade tolerance and versatility, making a beautiful groundcover or container plant.


New Dawn, a vigorous climber, is known for its silvery-blush flowers throughout the season, making it a popular choice for many gardeners.

New Dawn

Ducher stands out with its showy ivory blooms and spectacular foliage, proving to be a resilient choice for poor soils and hot summers.


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