Top 5 Best Cat Breeds: Most Recommended Feline Friend Pets by Experts


If you’ve been putting off getting a cat because you’re afraid they won’t like being held or caressed, the Ragdoll is the cat for you. These cuddly cats enjoy being close to their owners. “Ragdolls are popular pets because they like humans a lot—so much so that they often follow their owners around the house from morning to night,” writes Cosmopolitan. This could be your cat’s soul mate if you’re seeking for a 15-pound semi-long-haired BFF who sticks to you like glue.”

“Ragdolls are extremely gentle and friendly, and they frequently seek human companionship, such as following people around the house, sleeping with or flopping on their owners,” according to Nationwide Pet Insurance. “This breed is particularly good with children and other pets, and it is easily trained to learn the same tricks as dogs, such as playing fetch, rolling over, or begging.”

As an extra advantage, the Ragdoll’s remarkable long fur is easier to care for than it appears. If you like the look of a longhaired cat but are concerned about maintenance, this is the breed for you. According to Paw CBD, “They have long coats and need occasional grooming, but because they don’t have an undercoat, they are less likely to get matted.”

Maine Coon

You can’t go wrong with a Maine Coon if you have enough of space in your home and heart. These stunning cats grow far larger than many of their feline companions, yet their bulk is balanced by their playful and affectionate nature. “One of the oldest natural breeds in North America, Maine Coon cats are known for their intelligence and playfulness, as well as their size,” according to Nationwide Pet Insurance. “One of the largest breeds of domestic cats, they are affectionately known as ‘gentle giants.'”

Maine coons are well-known for their large size (the most famous have weighed 30 pounds! ), but the reason they’re such a popular house cat breed is because of their amiable personality,” according to Cosmopolitan. “People sometimes compare Maine coons to dogs because they’re so sociable—they love to play and join in on whatever you’re doing.”

These cats have a large brain to match their size, so make sure you’re prepared to keep them entertained if you decide to bring one into your home. “The Maine Coon is a very intelligent cat,” Purina says, “so keep the toy box stocked with plenty of puzzle toys.” Nothing makes these kittens happier than a good mental challenge.”


The Persian, another beautiful beauty that adores its people, is one of the most popular cat breeds. And it’s easy to see why once you meet one. “Fluffy equals cuddly in the feline world, and when it comes to fuzzy kittens, the Persian is one of the most popular cats,” Purina says. “You’ll often find them patiently waiting for you to sit down so they can find their comfortable spot right on your lap.”

“Persians also love routines and are generally well-behaved companions,” Pumpkin Pet Insurance continues. “They enjoy spending time with you and discovering a favorite spot to curl up for a nap.” They can be lively at times, but they’re not unduly demanding, and they don’t have a reputation for getting into mischief.”

If you enjoy both cats and history, you’ll enjoy the story of the Persian cat breed. “Persian cats are not only the most popular breed of cat, but they are also the oldest.” In reality, hieroglyphics date back to 1684 B.C.,” according to Nationwide Pet Insurance. “The cats were named after their believed ‘country of origin,’ which was Persia (now Iran).”


The Sphynx is a popular breed among those who desire to prevent shedding for functional or allergy reasons. But, despite their lack of hair, this breed makes up for it with their vivacious personalities. “Sphynx cats look unique due to their lack of fur and are very social, active, dog-like felines,” according to The Spruce Pets. They appear to belong on the laps of royalty, but despite their majestic looks, they are mischievous and goofy, acting more like court jesters.”

“The hairless Sphynx is a great cat for families that have a member who is allergic to pet dander,” says Paw CBD. “Their lack of fur also encourages them to snuggle with you to stay warm, making them one of the best cat breeds for cuddling.” Dressing a Sphynx, especially a toddler, in warm, comfortable clothing is usually a pleasure!”

A Sphynx will keep you engaged with their active activities, but when playtime is over, they will always be up for a cuddle. “With their love of attention, the Sphynx can be mischievous and silly, but they’re also very affectionate – they always want to be spending time with you, or showing off for you,” Pumpkin Pet Insurance says. They’re curious and energetic, but when they become weary, they like to curl up in a warm location.”

Exotic Shorthair

If you like the idea of a Persian but want a cat with a little more energy, the Exotic might be the cat for you. These cats combine affection and fun-loving mischief, having been bred from Persians and the ever-lovable domestic shorthair. “Because the Exotic is closely related to the Persian, it inherits a lot of their quiet and sweet nature,” Purina says. “If you are looking for a loyal companion, the Exotic is one of the most affectionate cats breeds you can welcome into your life.”

With one exception: their coats, exotic cats are bred to fit the Persian standard in practically every way. Exotics, unlike Persians, have short, thick, dense coats, making them popular among those who prefer the Persian demeanor but don’t want the inconvenience or effort required for daily care,” according to Nationwide Pet Insurance. “Exotic cats are known to show more affection and loyalty than other feline breeds, and commonly follow their owners throughout the home.”

For owners who are concerned about keeping up with their kitty’s energy levels, the exotic shorthair begins energetically and gradually slows down as they age. “Exotics are a playful breed and will want to chase strings and whatnot for hours when they’re young,” according to Cosmopolitan. However, as they grow older, they will have a more easygoing disposition. They’ll grow old with you!”