Today’s New Moon Will Have Maximum Impact On 4 Zodiac Signs

As the Taurus season comes to an end, the New Moon in this Venus-ruled sign will occur on May 19th, 2023. This transit will help us find solutions to any outstanding problems, thus it will feel like the culmination of several themes and chapters. Jupiter is now in the same sign as the fixed signs, opening up new vistas and opportunities. The transits today can feel stressful, similar to the sense of Uranus square Saturn in 2021-2022.

Now that Pluto, Mars, and Jupiter are battling it out for the second part of the month, we may refocus our energies and find new ways to deal with stressful situations. Nonetheless, this fresh Moon is about welcoming fresh beginnings and finding a new way to love. Examine how this transit affects the following fixed signs, particularly the rising, sun, and moon signs.


Even as the nodes change signs, your relationships continue to evolve. This Full Moon prepares you to continue learning and understanding what fulfills you in both love and friendship situations. You will be learning how to value who you are and how to apply that to relationships throughout the next six months. You will have numerous opportunities to meet new people who will teach you a new way to love.

Because the Moon is in your relationship house, this could be a moment when you become more selfless and nurturing. You will concentrate on inward mending and establishing confidence, as with other fixed signs. The New Moon encourages you to be more open in your heart and emotionally sensitive.


The blueprint for your dreams is changing now that Jupiter is in your sign. Jupiter, the planet of abundance, knowledge, and daring, will be in your sign for the next year, making things easier for you. Prepare to dream large, act boldly, and mend your connection with yourself. Messages from Jupiter will resonate positively for you during this New Moon since you feel more grounded and connected to your beliefs. You are entering a period of self-growth and maturity over the following six months. Meeting new people who share your vision will be essential as you break free from the old you and find the many chances that await you.


This New Moon is a highly important transit since it encourages you to change your outlook on your work and your aspirations. Jupiter with the New Moon gives you a new strategy, vision, and courage. With this transit occurring at the apex of your natal chart, you may feel unstoppable and ready to take on the world. As this transit progresses, the New Moon will serve as a reminder to be patient, prepared, and organized for the following six months. You’ve come here to achieve, and having faith in yourself will help you. Don’t limit yourself, and remember that if things aren’t working out, keep trying other things. The point here is to not give up and to have faith in oneself.


This energy is all about growth and expansion because it is a Fixed sign. Even with Pluto and Jupiter squaring, all fixed signs will feel the energy of transformation and positive change. Now is the time to cultivate courage and concentrate on bringing harmony to your world. You are reminded to take care of yourself and not be hesitant to ask for help when you need it during this New Moon. Since Saturn’s transit through Aquarius, you’ve been laying the groundwork. You are well-versed in obligations; you have previously played this game with Jupiter in your sign. However, you are now one step ahead and ready to use what you have already learned. This month may feel difficult, but it will all work out in your favor and align as the year advances.