These 5 Zodiac Signs Do Not Believe In Love At First Sight


Though pure love is unconstrained by reasoning, Virgos always find a way to rationalize their relationships. They, like Capricorns, believe that loving someone just based on appearance is strange. They prefer to spend their time getting to know someone, especially if they like them. They describe love as collaboration, thinking that the only way to fully know you’ve found the one is through service and sacrifice.


Capricorn is the most conventional of the zodiac signs on this list. So it’s understandable that they don’t believe in love at first sight. They define love as a process that takes time to develop. They are pragmatic, practical, and realistic. So it’s not surprising that they misinterpreted the initial surge of feelings as simply infatuation. In romance, these indications are like a slow burn. Capricorns prefer to take their time when it comes to matters of the heart because they want to be certain they’ve selected the right individual.


Aside from not worrying about appearances, Aquarius is undoubtedly the most sensible of the three air signs. As a result, falling in love with someone’s beauty makes no sense to them. These signals characterize love as a deep bond that might seem like a friendship on fire. They don’t understand how you can feel that just by looking at someone.


What is the zodiac’s hopeless romantic doing on this list? Love, at first sight, doesn’t make it in their books because of their romantic temperament. Leo, like the other signs on this list, defines love as something that is defined by factors other than appearance. They discover love via spectacular actions and stories that the entire world can witness and adore.


Geminis are motivated by their intelligence. If you told a Gemini that you fell in love with them because of their appearance, they’d ask you to explain how that’s possible. This air sign has always been curious about how someone may fall head over heels for another’s looks. They define love as a bond formed by two individuals who are intellectually stimulated by one another.