These 4 Zodiac Signs Feel Very Big About Their Feelings

There’s nothing wrong with having strong emotions, but this world will want to harden them. Some individuals will accuse you of being too clingy or emotional if you reveal your true feelings. However, this does not imply that you must alter your appearance in order to impress them. Here are several zodiac signs who are constantly stuck feeling like their feelings are too big, despite the fact that there is nothing wrong with feeling how they feel:


Leo, you never do anything halfway. When you put your heart into something, whether it’s a project or a person, you’re all in. You’re powerless to stop yourself. You are a passionate person, and you should be proud of it. You must not allow somebody to make you feel like you are too much because of how much you care.

Caring is a lovely thing. It is what drives you. It is what gives you power. You should be proud of your vulnerability and your willingness to risk failure and rejection because most people are content to stay in their comfort zones. Except for you. You are outspoken about your emotions. You never pretend to be someone you’re not, even if you risk being judged.


You are free to express yourself. You shouldn’t let anyone accuse you of overreacting since it usually means they don’t want to deal with your sentiments or see the reality behind what you’re saying because it would require them to examine themselves.

They would rather blame you for feeling too strongly than admit that they may have acted too harshly. Remember, you deserve to be with someone who never dismisses your feelings and who never tells you that you should have just been quiet instead. Your emotions are valid. Don’t listen to anyone who tells you otherwise.


Pisces, you sometimes wish you had thicker skin since you take things so personally. However, keep in mind that empathy is a superpower. It’s why you’re so invested in everyone you meet, whether they become friends or remain strangers. So many people in this world couldn’t give a damn about others, but you want to spread as much kindness as you can.

You are resolved to make a difference—to make more people smile than cry every day. Even though loving so much can be exhausting at times, you must remember that your soft heart has resulted in so many true connections. It’s resulted in so much beauty. You wouldn’t be where you are now if you stuffed your feelings.


You feel deeply and intensely, Sagittarius. Every feeling is turned up to eleven, and that’s fine. You have the right to be enthusiastic about the things and people that are important to you.

It shows that you care. That you are committed. You should not feel obligated to tone it down in order to make people happy because you are free to express yourself. You have permission to proclaim your love from the rooftops. How transparent you are and how loudly you care will revitalize the proper individual. They would never change it for anything in the world.