These 4 Zodiac Signs Can’t Handle Mixed Signs

Mixed signals are never a good thing. They are perplexing and deceptive, and they are one of the worst aspects of contemporary dating. Although no one likes mixed signals, the following signs have the most difficulty dealing with them:


Capricorns are forthright. They truly mean what they say. You can believe anything they say since they don’t see the sense in playing games. They will be brutally honest with you, even if it hurts, and they want you to respect them in return. They want you to be open and honest about your expectations with them. When a Capricorn receives conflicting signals, they are unsure what to do since they are not going to fall to that level. They will not be unclear about their own emotions. They will still be true and honest, and if it puts the other person off, so be it.


When it comes to relationships, Cancers go all-in. They aren’t interested in flings that continue only till the end of the summer. They fall strongly when they fall in love with someone fresh. Because they take their obligations seriously, they will never offer someone half their heart.

They struggle to grasp when someone sends mixed signals because they don’t understand how someone may like them enough to flirt with them but not enough to commit to them. They have never been in this scenario before and are unsure how to handle it. They’re not sure how long they should stay or how long they should wait to see if this individual sticks to their plan and commits.


Scorpios are extremely possessive. They must trust you if they are in a relationship with you. They need to know that they are the only people they want to date and that their hearts will never wander. That is why they are bothered by mixed messages. They struggle to cope when they are unsure whether this individual will commit to them or desert them.

After all, the idea of someone they admire hooking up with someone else (or simply flirting with someone else) irritates them. They are incapable of dealing with it. But if this person isn’t committed to them, they believe they don’t have the right to be offended – or, at the very least, to indicate that they are.


Virgos take pleasure in their intellect. They dislike feeling lost and bewildered. It irritates them. That’s why they can’t tolerate it when someone throws them mixed signals when they’re not sure where they stand with this other person.

Because Virgos are strong, they can deal with rejection – but confusing messages are far harder. They’d rather be informed up front that this individual isn’t interested. They’d rather have the bandage taken off on the first day. They don’t want to be compelled to stay and wonder and wait for anything to happen. They aren’t patient enough to wait for the answers to such queries.