Tarot Reader Predictions: What Each Zodiac Sign Should Expect Before May 29

For the week running up to May 29, the Tarot reader makes a tailored prognosis for each Zodiac sign. The reader uses Tarot cards to examine subjects ranging from long-term objectives and creativity to breakthroughs and change. For some, the forecast calls for self-indulgence or the acquisition of new abilities, while others may confront obstacles or possibilities in the areas of personal development, professional advancement, or interpersonal relationships. Each sign is given a unique Tarot reading that provides insightful information and potential pathways to take during the week.


Page of Wands is your card.
This week, it’s time to pursue a creative interest. Work on some of the tasks you started but never finished before. Alternatively, try learning something altogether new. It isn’t until you truly go for it that the portion of your brain that loves creativity is activated.


The 7 of Pentacles is your card.
While you generally live in the moment rather than thinking about the past or the future, this is an excellent week to consider your long-term ambitions. What do you want for yourself after this? Now get to work on making it happen.


Ace of Swords is your card.
This week will bring you some sort of breakthrough. It might be a fresh perspective on a pleasant adventure or a bright moment in therapy. But don’t let that new thought drift away into the ether. Do something significant such that you will never forget it.


The 9 of Pentacles is your card.
This week, do something just for yourself. If you have any extra cash, spend it on yourself. It may appear a touch indulgent, but that’s fine! There’s nothing wrong with treating yourself once in a while.


The Tower is the card you have.
This week, something out of your control will occur. And, sadly, that transformation will be unpleasant. The best you can do is attempt to relax and trust that this new normal will work out in the end.


The Hanged One is your card.
Sometimes you get stuck in your own head. You’re a little stubborn in that way. Try to see something in a fresh light this week. Gaining a new viewpoint can help you understand something or someone-much better.


The page of Swords is your card.
This week, take advantage of the opportunity to learn something new. Perhaps a pal can crochet or perform a handstand. Request that they show you. It may take more practice than this week, but having something enjoyable and creative to do is always a plus.


The Queen of Wands is your card.
Do something you’re enthusiastic about this week. When you’re doing the same monotonous thing every day, you get bored. Listen to your instincts and say “no” to the established quo. You never know what interesting things might come of it.


Ace of Pentacles is your card.
This week brings you a fresh opportunity, most likely involving money. Perhaps you’ll start a new job or be promoted. If you’ve been thinking about asking for a raise, now is the time.


The King of Wands is your card.
When you want to be, you may be quite charismatic. Put your whole personality on display this week if given the chance. Use it to get a date with the coolest person in the room or to charm your way into cool possibilities. You can do it.


The King of Pentacles is your card.
It’s time to take the reins of power. When you are enthusiastic about a project, you may be an effective leader. This week, channel that energy and bring your staff along for the journey. It will have a positive impact.


The 5 of Wands is your card.
You’ll have an argument that has the potential to destroy your entire week. It’s up to you whether you’ll let it. Arguments are OK as long as they do not harm anyone. Keep in mind that your words have power.