Most Brutally Honest 3 Zodiac Signs

Isn’t honesty the best policy? When it comes to relationships and friendships, trust is essential for establishing a strong bond. However, we all know folks who are somewhat overly honest. That is, they can be a touch too direct while expressing their point of view.

Some astrological signs may be more prone to blunt honesty than others. These signs aren’t afraid to communicate their truth in whatever manner they can. Check out the signs (Sun, Rising, and Mercury) below to find which are the most brutally honest.


Aries, like fellow fire sign Sagittarius, is not hesitant to express themselves bluntly. An Aries may be impetuous and volatile at times, and the combination of these characteristics can result in unfiltered expression of what they are thinking and feeling.

Furthermore, Aries may not completely see why their willingness to convey uncensored opinions may be problematic. While you can be certain that you will always know what an Aries is thinking, you may need to grow a thick skin in order to have a constant connection with them.


Sagittarius isn’t hesitant to speak their opinion when it comes to honesty. They’d prefer everyone lay their cards on the table for this fire sign than lie for the sake of convenience. Sagittarius signs have a strong moral compass and are often harder on people they detect to be dishonest.

While honesty is an excellent quality, Sagittarius frequently overlooks tact. They are less concerned with how their honesty is seen, which might lead to problems in their intimate relationships. Honesty is essential, but there is a way to be truthful without being unkind.


Virgos are known to be critical and a little perfectionistic. The yearning for complete openness, on the other hand, is an underappreciated feature of the Earth sign. Virgos aren’t the kind to mince words. If you know a Virgo, you know they’ll always give you the truth, even if it’s not what you want to hear.

However, because Mercury (the planet of communication) is their governing planet, they are more diplomatic than other signs when giving news (though they will not sugar coat it).