Kinyah posing with flower

Kinyah Bean


Kinyah was born in Memphis, Tn. At the age of 6, Kinyah was challenged by her father, Demetrius Braddock to create a business of her own by the age of 10. Throughout her time in business exploration, Kinyah tried to start an ice cream company but it was not launched. Not losing her focus on her dreams but longing to explore other opportunities, Kinyah participated in various talent driven activities to help increase her social awareness, self-motivation and her self-esteem which are all needed to aid in being a progressive professional entrepreneur.

Kinyah enjoyed activities such as track and field, acting, and dancing all geared to increase Kinyah's motivation in herself, and to help her discover traits within that she would use to stay motivated and help her become successful. These activities helped to create more  opportunities for Kinyah to propel and believe in herself and her abilities. Through these various activities challenges, strengths, weaknesses were all exposed but are some of the focal points that Kinyah rely on now when she encourages others to believe in themselves and to push through.

Kinyah attributes her personality and self-drive to activities on and off the field. Her motivation to succeed is second to none. Her drive to achieve her dreams and goals are not only for personal gratification but a longing desire to inspire others to achieve their maximum potential. Her voice and message have been before various ages and platforms both big and small. This road to success is not easy but is worth it and for that, Kinyah strives daily to be who she was created to be and do what she was created to do!