B Chill Lemonade, LLC. is the brain child to Kinyah Briggs-Bean and started January 16, 2017. Kinyah's arrival to this company was from her hand squeezing a glass of fresh lemonade on her own in her home. After enjoying her fresh squeezed beverage, Kinyah's father, Demetrius, compared her lemonade to restaurant quality and was certain the drink was not made by the hands of his 8-year-old. Kinyah reassured her father that the lemonade was made by her and immediately expressed a desire to create a business opportunity.

The night of January 16, 2017, Kinyah's mother, Valerie, created flyers for the business. Kinyah initially prayed over the flyers and with the help from her family, Kinyah placed 60 flyers on vehicles in her neighborhood. Not long during dinner, Kinyah received a request for 5 gallons of lemonade and it was the start of this amazing journey and business.

Kinyah making B Chill lemonade sample at home