5 Clear Signs They’re Not Taking You Seriously

Recognizing whether someone takes you seriously is crucial for maintaining healthy relationships. If you’re unsure, here are five concrete signs that someone might not be taking you seriously.

1: They Don’t Value Your Time

If someone consistently shows up late, cancels plans at the last minute, or forgets about arrangements you’ve made, it’s a clear sign they’re not valuing your time. This shows a lack of respect and consideration for your schedule and commitments.

2: They Avoid Serious Conversations

When you bring up serious topics or issues, do they evade the conversation or make light of it? If they’re unwilling to discuss important matters with you, it’s a strong sign that they’re not taking you or your concerns seriously.

3: They Don’t Include You in Future Plans

If they’re making future plans that don’t include you or are vague about your role in their future, this is another indication they might not be taking your relationship seriously. This can be especially true in romantic relationships.

4: They Disregard Your Feelings

If they disregard or invalidate your feelings—especially when you express discontent or dissatisfaction—it’s a significant sign of not taking you seriously. Emotional validation is a fundamental aspect of respectful and serious relationships.

5: They Don’t Prioritize Your Relationship

If they consistently prioritize other aspects of their life over your relationship, it’s a sign that they might not be taking your relationship seriously. While it’s healthy to have a balance, consistently putting the relationship last suggests a lack of commitment.


These signs can indicate that someone might not be taking you seriously. If you observe these behaviors, it may be time to have an open and honest conversation about your relationship. Remember, everyone deserves respect and consideration.

Frequently Asked Question

What should I do if someone is not taking me seriously?

Communicate your feelings clearly and assertively. If the behavior continues, consider whether this relationship is beneficial to your emotional well-being.

Are these signs applicable to all types of relationships?

These signs are generally applicable across different types of relationships—romantic, platonic, professional, and familial.

Can these signs be misinterpreted?

These signs can sometimes be misunderstood due to individual differences. Open communication is key to clarifying intentions.

Can a person change if they’re not taking you seriously?

People can change, but they must first recognize their behavior and be willing to make the necessary adjustments.

Is it possible for someone to show these signs unintentionally?

Yes, sometimes people may exhibit these signs unintentionally due to other issues they may be dealing with. Communication is key to understanding the situation