4 Zodiac Signs Will Get What They Were Waiting For In May


You’ve been waiting for someone to recognize the same promise in you and give you a chance to prove yourself, take on more responsibility, and have the autonomy, purpose, and direction you’ve been aching for, Leo. The self-assurance you’ve been cultivating has increased, as has your elevator pitch for why you, why now, and why this. But, no matter how prepared or equipped you are, you cannot sell anything to someone who does not actually require it.

So you need some internal fortitude, that drives you to keep knocking on doors until you discover that opportunity where supply and demand connect, where there is a genuine value exchange taking place. If you recall and comprehend this, it will make missed chances less of a letdown; they will become less personal. You may submit another résumé, go on another date, or send a couple more cold e-mails without fear of being wounded. And something will ultimately stick this month, so keep your chin up.


Taurus, you’ve been hoping for a change. The type of transformation you can’t achieve on your own. There is no checklist, schedule, or regiment you can implement in your life to see results. It’s just that fickle creature we call circumstance, which has a habit of altering when we wait long and patiently enough for anything to ‘give’. It’s that strange butterfly effect of everything and everyone shifting around us. So many things that are beyond our control yet nevertheless have an effect on us.

So, in essence, you’ve been waiting for the things you can control within yourself to match with the things you can’t control outside of yourself. Doors are constantly opening and closing, the world is moving at miles per hour in an Everything Everywhere At Once type of way, and you’ve been waiting for your moment to shine. It’s like standing in the corner at a wedding until your song comes on and you realize it’s time to get on the dance floor. This month will be that moment for you.


Capricorn, you’ve been waiting for your ideas to come to fulfillment. Something you planned, budgeted for, and planned the logistics for weeks or months beforehand. You’ve been counting down the days on your calendar, and this month, instead of simply envisioning it, you get to live it. You may even feel frightened or sad for this day to arrive since you have truly loved the build-up to it. You’re concerned about how you’ll feel without this massive event to look forward to and focus your energy on.

Don’t allow those emotions to keep you from appreciating what you’ve worked for. You deserve to be completely satisfied and celebrated. Enjoy this high point without fearing that there would be no more days like it. Everything that comes to you is the direct product of your deliberate effort. If you can make your goal a reality, there is no limit to what you may create or construct for yourself in the months and years ahead. The sky is the limit, and this month is a milestone to be celebrated, but it is far from the end.


Libra, you’ve been waiting to feel anything. Excitement, interest, and zeal. You’ve been stuck in a rut where everything bores you and you don’t know what to do with your time. It’s similar to having a cold that kills your taste buds and leaves you without an appetite, and you must approach the remedy with the same attitude. Rest. Don’t put up a fight. The world will not end if you spend the day in your jammies, nap, or put off tasks for one more day.

The sooner you allow yourself to vegetate and eliminate the continuous pressure to be active or involved, the simpler it will be for things to come together spontaneously. Sometimes you just need to cleanse your mind before you can fill it with things that stimulate and intrigue you. This month, taking a step back will allow you to move forward in leaps and bounds, so give yourself some space and time to discover a new TV program, podcast, book, or hobby that will give you that rush of invigoration you’ve been lacking.