4 Zodiac Signs That Are The Least Accepting In Relationships

If you’ve been dating for a while and haven’t discovered the one, it’s normal to begin gradually decreasing your expectations. Nobody can blame you for taking the bare minimum because it’s better than some of the nasty, toxic partners you’ve had in the past. However, just because someone is kind does not imply that they are doing enough. Here are some astrological signs who are impressed by the bare minimum (but deserve more):


Because you’re naturally pessimistic, your expectations are realistic. You’ll be overjoyed if someone texts back within a fair length of time and follows through on the promises they make. But such things are to be expected. You shouldn’t expect your partners to lie, cheat, and treat you like garbage.

You should not expect to have your emotions trampled on. You can’t change the fact that you’re a pessimist, but you may hope for better. Whether you believe it or not, there are good people out there. And you are deserving of one. You deserve to have your expectations exceeded, not just met.


Cancer, you’re such a giver that you never consider asking someone to repay the services you provide for them on a regular basis. When someone goes above and beyond to impress you, it makes you feel unique because you’re accustomed to caring more and putting in more effort than your partner. However, this must change. You should aim for a relationship in which your partner enjoys spoiling you as much as you enjoy spoiling them. Love should be reciprocal. You should not be the only one putting in the effort.


You appreciate every bit of affection you receive, but crumbs aren’t quite enough to please you. Especially since you put your heart and soul into every relationship you enter. You are willing to go to any length for the people you care about, so the least they can do is respond to your texts and remain faithful.

Your expectations of yourself are far higher than those of your partners, and this needs to alter. You must continue to look for someone who goes above and above, as you usually do. Remember that you don’t need a relationship to feel content, therefore you’ll be fine on your own until you find someone who is truly worth the effort you put in every day.


You’re a rational sign, so you’re very impressed as long as someone isn’t doing anything incorrect on paper. Especially after the previous relationships you’ve had. But love isn’t about checking things off a list — and even if it were, your list is rather basic.

You want someone who respects you, is loyal to you, and enjoys spending out with you, which are all important, but you should strive for more. You should look for someone who encourages your aspirations, lavishes you with compliments, and surprises you with romantic gestures. Someone who outperforms your expectations. After all, you deserve it.