3 Zodiac Signs That Are Best At Communicating

Building friendships requires communication, which some people find easier than others. While some of us may struggle to find the appropriate words to say or prefer to keep our emotions to ourselves, there are a number of reasons why some zodiac signs may fail to communicate successfully. Mercury, the planet of communication and memory, might provide some astrological guidance. Look at the signs below (Sun, Rising, and Mercury) to find which ones are the best communicators.


Some may argue that Geminis talk too much, but there is no doubt that this sign communicates all on their minds. Keeping up with their ideas is another matter entirely. If you give a Gemini enough time, they will figure out how to connect all the dots before the talk is through. Gemini’s governing planet is Mercury, which gives them an advantage in the communication department. They aren’t scared to express what they believe and are most effective when speaking (rather than attempting to guess a person’s thoughts or intentions).


Libra is sometimes underappreciated for its capacity to communicate well with its intimate contacts. Libras aren’t hesitant to start a dialogue about how they feel, but they approach it as a collaborative endeavor. They don’t want to dominate the conversation, nor do they want to sit silently the entire time. Libras want to know what the other person is saying and how they are feeling, but they also want to make sure that everything is fair.


Mercury, like Gemini, is the governing planet of Virg. In fact, the planet is regarded as exalted in Virgo! This sign is known to speak their views and get to the point quickly, which is quite advantageous in their relationships and friendships. Furthermore, when Virgo wants to have a talk about something essential, they are determined not to get diverted or distracted. These signs are also quite deliberate in their word choice, and they take their time to find out the best method to convey their message.