3 Zodiac Signs Have the Best May Horoscopes, Thanks to Jupiter in Taurus

On May 16, 2023, three zodiac signs enjoy the best horoscopes because Jupiter has finally entered Taurus! But first, before we get to the horoscopes, here’s the day’s message for everyone. Making decisions can feel like rolling a die at times.

You’re hoping for the best, but nothing is certain. Fortunately, patience and perseverance are wonderful treatments for a fickle fate, and gemstones can also assist if you know which ones to avoid.

The current Jupiter in Taurus transit from May 16, 2023, to May 25, 2024, will make the next year less difficult for Earth and water signs. It may even reduce the strain of Pisces for a short time while Saturn goes through Pisces, but only a little.

Finally, make sure you’re prepared for Gemini season, which begins in a few days. The mercurial month is ideal for manifesting things quickly, especially if they are spoken out. Begin making a list of your desires right now. Let’s look at the three zodiac signs with the greatest May 16, 2023 horoscopes.


Today will be a profitable day for you, Virgo, but don’t jinx it with negative thoughts. The Sun, Uranus, Pluto, and Mars are all making favorable aspects to your zodiac sign today, so interactions with peers and superiors will be easy. You might even meet someone fresh in another department or at your neighborhood coffee shop.

Jupiter’s transit through Taurus will boost your luck throughout the following few months. So be prepared to make some financial decisions. It may also bring you a new job, so update your resume immediately.

Neptune is still opposing Ceres, so don’t expect things to go well. Hold your ground, especially if you have persistent issues with a mother figure or a different department head. You are not a child with no knowledge.


Taurus’ lucky days continue today, but that’s a guarantee given the present concentration of planets in Taurus, including the North Node. Over the last few weeks, some of you may have created valuable new relationships.

There’s a chance you’ll discover the significance of those ties today. It could be a fresh opportunity, but it could also be an invitation to a party or gala you’ve always wanted to attend.

Stay committed to your chosen path and purpose with Vesta in Taurus. You may meet difficulties (or are already experiencing them), but this is all part of the adventure. People who don’t believe in you today will believe in you when the results speak for themselves.

For the time being, rely on your expertise and experience and keep going forward. Mercury’s retrograde period has just finished, so anticipate things to pick up in the coming days. Don’t worry; Mercury in Taurus is on your side, so the going will be easy and the pace will be manageable.


This entire month will be quite beneficial to you in terms of love and discovering new love. It’s all thanks to Venus in Cancer, and with Jupiter entering Taurus, expect the positive vibes to intensify. Today, you might find yourself yearning for a fight. It’s due to the Moon in Aries. Don’t succumb to this temptation. You must overcome this obstacle.

Your interpersonal interactions are going well for the most part right now, and the abrupt change in communication style could be due to Mercury moving direct after being retrograde for so long.